Different Types of websites and their functions

By Evans June 17, 2019

Different Types of websites and their functions

What are the different Types of websites

There are billions of websites in the world currently. The staggering number of websites already developed can be worrying especially if you want to start a new website. However, the good news is that there are different types of websites, according to different needs.

How does this help me, you ask?

The presence of different types of websites means that you can easily find your niche and appeal to a particular group of people. It also means that you can find websites that are similar to yours, which are always a source of inspiration.

Here are some of the popular types of websites that our web designers have created

E-commerce website

This is a type of website where people can buy goods. There are so many e-commerce websites around, selling different products such as clothes, electronics, beauty products, books, and automobiles among others. An e-commerce website can stand alone, or it can be part of an existing business. You can decide to sell stuff online alone, or have a physical store where people can pick stuff for themselves if they don’t want to wait for shipping.

If your need for a website is in order to sell products, then e-commerce website is the type of website for you. There are several things you’ll need while setting up one, which may or may not be included in other types of websites. They include:

  • A shopping cart
  • Payment options
  • E-commerce software
  • SSL certificate

The main goal of having an e-commerce website is making sales. As you build the website, it is very important to keep this goal in mind. Here are a few MUST HAVE features of an e-commerce website

Different Types of websites and their functions

Corporate website

Also known as a business website, a corporate website represents an already existing business. This means that it has to have the same features with the business. That is, it should have:

  • Same logo
  • Products and/or services that are offered by the business
  • Business contacts and location

To learn more read

Important features of a corporate website

Corporate websites have become increasingly common. Every client expects to find a business website with all the information regarding your business. A corporate website can be an e-commerce website in that, you can decide to sell products or the services that the business deals with. It can also be different from an e-commerce one in that the website can be used to inform the prospective clients of the existence of the business and even encourage them to visit and become clients.

Educational website

It is also called an academic website.

This is a website belonging to a certain educational institution. It can also be a website that offers online courses, tutorials, and other academic help. Most educational websites act as a replica of the existing academic institutions.

Educational websites have different needs. For some, users have to:

  • Subscribe to access their content
  • Purchase the educational material they provide.
  • Log in to access information such as student’s course work and grades.

Entertainment website

Entertainment is one of the main reasons why people browse. People want to be entertained. They want to watch funny clips, hear all gossip about their favorite celebs, or just access interesting content.

Like e-commerce websites, entertainment websites aim at not just entertaining people but making money while at it. However, the main way of generating money is through advertisements on the website, rather than actually selling goods or services.

There are so many entertainment websites, with different formats (from videos, blog posts, trivia, and comics among others) and different goals. Before setting up one, you need to identify your goal, target audience, and what you want to offer them.

Media website As the name suggests, media websites are responsible for providing news and media-related stories. Most media websites are extensions of existing media houses. Most TV channels, radio stations, print newspapers, and magazines have complementary websites. However, with the increased presence of the new media as compared to the traditional (mainstream) media, some of these websites stand alone.

Media websites make money mainly through advertisements and subscriptions.

Non-profit website

Non-profit websites are quite simple in nature. Their main aim is not to make money, but to give information on the non-profit institution. They show visitors how they can take part in the vision of the organization, either by volunteering, donating, or any other kind of support needed.

Brochure website

This is a simple website with regards to its functionality. This is mainly because it only requires a few web pages. A brochure website mainly consists:

  • Contact information
  • ‘about’ page
  • Some photos of the business

In other words, a brochure website is simply an online business card.

Personal website

Most of the websites covered have a similar goal, to make money. However, some websites are not meant for money-making. People, especially creative people, love creating personal websites to just share their life experiences, thoughts, feelings, art ideas, and even imaginations with the world. This kind of website can be in terms of blogs, vlogs, and photo blogs among others.

While the main idea of such blogs is not to make money, they can bring in some good money for you especially if you have a huge following.

Setting up a personal website is easier than most websites. This is because you don’t care more about tools and features that drive sales or attracts ads.


Wikipedia is the commonly known example of a wiki website. Wikis are community forums where different users get together to come up with content, and changes to the content. Wikis can be on any subject. One can be a community of football lovers, literature, and business among other subjects.

To set up a wiki, you only need a wiki site builder. You can also build it from scratch, which is quite a lot of time.

What kind of website do you need?

After going through the types of websites, you must have an idea of the kind of a website you need, based on the goal you want to achieve. It’s time to now build a website. Even the simplest of the websites require some effort to set it up. However, the work put into it cannot be compared with the benefits of having a website.

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