eCommerce website: 8 Important Features that Every eCommerce Site Must Have

By Evans June 16, 2019

eCommerce website: 8 Important Features that Every eCommerce Site Must Have

Every eCommerce website is unique in its own way. No website is 100% like another website. Most eCommerce websites involve different trends. However, trends do not equate to good rates or even greater user satisfaction. There are several features that can make an eCommerce website remain quite relevant in the eCommerce industry. These are:

Mobile friendly

75% of online shopping is done via mobile phone. Your eCommerce website ought to have a mobile-friendly version failure to which, your SEO will decline terribly.

Good responsive design makes it easier for the website content to adapt to whichever device accesses the website. This design makes the website to be quite user-friendly. This increases the chances of having more shoppers to visit your website.

eCommerce website: 8 Important Features that Every eCommerce Site Must Have

An eCommerce Website should be Easy to use

Your website should not only be mobile friendly, but it should also be easy to use. Easy to use basically means simple. While designing an eCommerce website, it is very important to keep it simple to use. Most consumers confirm that ease of use is important for any website that they visit. A simple website makes it easier for consumers to easily locate something they want.

Most consumers will abandon their shopping and try elsewhere any minute a website becomes too complex for them to easily navigate.

An easy to use the website:

  • Has different categories for different goods
  • Has filters
  • Gives consumers a chance to compare different purchases.
  • Provides easy to access customer reviews.
  • FAQ information to help consumers in decision-making.

User-generated reviews

More than 90% of the online shoppers read reviews of other users before they can decide to buy something. It is important to use plugins from platforms such as Facebook to include more reviews from the users.

Reviews are important, and not just the positive but even the negative reviews. People may think that negative reviews will drive customers away. However, they encourage shoppers since they believe that the reviews are true. If you only have positive reviews on your website, then chances are that shoppers will assume they are fake, and thus fail to buy from you.

Great visual content

Good visual content will easily attract shoppers, more than anything else. Visuals attract people more than text. Using high quality and easy to load images is a great way to sell your products. For instance, if someone wants to buy a laptop online, they will need to see high-quality photos of the laptop at different angles. A video can also be a great idea to show a product and maybe even how to use it.

However, it is important to make sure that the kind of images and videos used do not take too much time to load as shoppers may lose patience and move on to another site.


Social connections are very important between the seller and the buyers. Like physical interactions, online interactions are very important. They show that you are authentic as a person, making it easier for your customers to relate with you and your site. Connecting with customers on an emotional level is very important in building strong bonds between you and them, and even creating brand loyalty. Ensure that your social platforms are linked to the website.

eCommerce website: 8 Important Features that Every eCommerce Site Must Have

Special offers

Let’s be honest here, we all love special offers. A shopper is motivated to buy even more products if he gets to know that he’s getting a special deal. Special offers motivate the shoppers to keep checking the site with the hope that they’ll find more stuff on special offer.

Creating a page for the products on promotion attracts even more shoppers, even as it increases the SEO.

Physical location

In case you have a physical location, it is important to include the details of the physical store. Most millennials research for a product online before they can purchase it offline. Including your physical store location and address is very important as it directs such people to where they can buy your products without waiting for you to ship them.


Most shoppers need more information on the products they want to buy before they can make the purchase. A consumer may want to know detailed information concerning a certain product, or even its authenticity. Thus, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section provides such information and much more. This section also helps consumers address some of the common problems, such as lost password.

Payment options

It is very important to include payment options on the website. This is because there are very many online payment options. Failure to include payment options may greatly disadvantage some shoppers. If you choose to limit payment options, it is advisable to explain why. This makes you be transparent, which builds trust with the shoppers.

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Security features

Shopping online has its downside: cybercriminals. eCommerce websites can easily be targeted by cybercriminals. It is, therefore, very important to protect the information of the shoppers and ensure that the transactions are private. There are many security features to consider in order to protect the website and shoppers from cybercriminals. They include:

  • Two-step authentication. This basically means adding another security factor after the username and password. After setting up the username and the password, you need to enter a system-generated code that is often sent either via text or email.
  • Firewall to permit authorized traffic and block anything malicious.
  • SSL certificate to establish a trusted connection between the website and the users.

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