How can Safaricom Mpesa API Benefit your Small Business?

By Evans April 6, 2019

How can Safaricom Mpesa API Benefit your Small Business?

Small business organizations can benefit a lot from Mpesa Application programming interface (API) in many ways

The most amazing feature of a business organization with Mpesa payment gateway is automated transaction as Daraja API will initiate payments through STK push notification asking the customer to enter only Mpesa PIN. Your customers no longer have to remember Paybill number, Account number, and amount

Many believe that Mpesa application programming interface (APIs) are meant for big companies with e-commerce websites, huge web-based systems and mobile applications for collecting funds via Mpesa. But that is not the case, even small business organizations can benefit a lot from Daraja API by Safaricom.

Mpesa API Integration enables business organizations to link their systems and effortlessly process payments. Since the introduction of Daraja API, we helped more than 10 small business organizations to link Mpesa to their system and enable smooth transactions between customers to business and business to business.

Loyalty and Incentive Programs

Safaricom Mpesa API enables you to create a database to store customer information such as name, ID no, phone number and transactions. This enables small businesses to integrate loyalty and incentive programs to built a loyal customer base and attract new customers. This is made possible by the API because a business is able to seamlessly track patterns of customers and understand customer behavior.

Automate Transactions

One of the amazing features brought about by Daraja API is STK push which enables customers to bypass the whole process of entering the Pay Bill number, Account number, and amount and then Pin as they will get a Pop-up notification only requesting the M-Pesa PIN. The Daraja API will capture all the details (Paybill number, account number, and amount) from the application database and initiate an STK push requesting the customer to only enter the PIN and complete the transaction.

One of the challenges that small businesses faced is to initiate the payment. Customers are required to remember and input the Paybill Number, Account number as well as the amount. Customers may end up forgetting these numbers or erroneously put a different number sending funds to a wrong Paybill number

Improve product or service delivery

One of the most amazing features of Safaricom Daraja API is that it enables one to easily automate how clients and potential customers perceive a given service or product. A business organization can track inventory progress and use the data to formulate ways of serving customers even better. What I mean is, a business can use Daraja payment API data to identify trends, patterns, and consumers behavior. Such data is very important for business as it enables the management to make decisions and improve service delivery.

Bulk Payments

This feature is important particularly to business organizations that disburse funds to users such as loan applications, Saccos, and betting sites. With Mpesa Daraja API, you can be able to easily send more than 1000 transactions within seconds through Business to Customer (B2C), feature of Safaricom Mpesa API. Bulk payments allow you to send more than 75000 KSH which is more than the maximum amount that one is allowed to transact via Mpesa.

Business to Business (B2B) transactions also enable you to pay your partners, suppliers, and creditors via the Mpesa Daraja API

To learn how to integrate Mpesa to your website, app or any other system read Step-by-Step guide to integrating Lipa na Mpesa online You can also hire Mpesa API integrator from Shara Solutions to help you with the process.

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