10 Important Features of a Corporate Website

By Evans June 16, 2019

10 Important Features of a Corporate Website

In the current generation, an online presence is very essential for every kind of business. This is the reason you need a website for your business. Corporate websites are quite different from other websites. So are the features of a corporate website. This is because corporate websites are designed to serve the purpose of the business. Here are some of the features:

Crucial business information

While creating a corporate website, it is very important to ensure that all crucial information concerning the business is included. It is important to include directions and contact information, more than including a lot of unnecessary stuff with the aim of attracting clients only for you to forget telling them how they can reach you.

Every business has different needs.

For a restaurant, crucial information includes menu and locations.

For an event planner, you need testimonials from owners of some events you have organized plus some good photos of such events.

Make sure your site offers the information that is unique for your business, and that it is what people are actually looking for.

Information provided on a corporate website should be very brief. You do not need 500 words for a mission statement. Make sure that the information provided is very brief, something that someone can skim through and still is captivated.

10 Important Features of a Corporate Website

Contact information

For contact information, ensure you indicate a phone number or an email address that clients can reach you through. Do not have this information as a photo, to ensure that someone can easily copy or click on the contact information and talk to you easily.

Easy to navigate

A website is pretty useless if users cannot easily navigate and find what they need. Make the website as easy to use as possible.

Imagine you were the user, what would you be looking for when accessing the site? Think about that then create a website that they can easily access different pages according to their needs. Use common words such as contact information, FAQ, about, among others instead of trying to complicate things by using cryptic or funny phrases for your pages.


If you decide to sell goods online, chances are that your site and your buyers will be targeted by cybercriminals. Thus it is very important to secure your site especially using the two-step verification for the buyers when login in, and also by using the SSL certificate. This certificate helps ensure that the conversation between you and the buyers is in crypt form.

Social media integration

There are so many social platforms that you can link to your website, from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Tumblr, to Twitter, LinkedIn, and even YouTube. Social media is a very important marketing tool. This is because most people at least use one or two of these platforms on a daily basis, making it easier for you to advertise the website and your business using social media.

Linking these platforms to your website is also a great way of increasing SEO. Social media is here to stay. It is, therefore, a great idea to make money, build your brand, and increase following through it.

Mobile friendly version

Mobile devices are cheap, easily accessible, and easy to use. Almost everyone owns or has access to a mobile phone. The amount of traffic caused by mobile devices keeps on increasing and chances are, it will keep on increasing for quite a long time.

What does this mean for your website?

Do you want people to buy something, or go somewhere?

Do you want to have many people clicking on your website?

Then you better make sure that your website is mobile friendly.

Responsive design allows you to make a website not just for a computer but also for absolutely anything that can connect to the internet. Responsive corporate web design helps adjust page layout and even images to ensure that you can access the website no matter what kind of device screen size someone has.


Testimonials can be quite effective as a marketing tool. This is because people love relying on the feedback and experiences of other people on a certain product or service. Thus, a good testimonial can greatly persuade people to buy what you are selling, be it a product, a service, or an idea. However, ensure that the testimonials you use are quite true, not make-believe testimonials. This is because tech-savvy people can easily find out if a testimonial is true or not.

If it turns out to be a fake, that can give you quite a bad reputation and as we know, the internet never forgives or forgets.


People will always have questions. Questions about your business, the products and the services you offer, the mode of communication, return policy, security issues among others. You can gather clients’ feedback and concerns and offer clear answers to them. Chances are, most problems and concerns revolve around the same issues.

Good web address

A good web address needs to be short, and easy to remember. You don’t want your web address to be something that clients can never recall. When choosing a domain name, choose keywords that are most important to you and to your business. This is important as your domain name has an impact when it comes to results of the search engine.

Visitor statistics

Corporate websites are not created as a hobby. They are mainly meant to increase visibility and reach more potential clients. It is therefore very important to have statistics on how many people have visited the site. Before you make any investments, it is often advisable to know the expected outcome.

So how do you know the expected outcome of a website?

By checking the visitors’ statistics.

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