8 Important Features of an Academic Website

By Evans June 16, 2019

8 Important Features of an Academic Website

An academic website is one of the challenging websites when it comes to not just designing but even deploying it. This is because unlike other websites, the users of this kind of website have needs that overlap each other. The need to cater for overlapping needs makes it harder for some developers to design a good academic website. Good news for you though, it is very possible to come up with an amazing academic website.

Since 2013, our project manager Ian Kibet has been developing academic ordering script and having our best designers come up with an amazing academic website that converts. I had an opportunity to interview him and ask some of the important features that an academic website should have.

These are some of the main features of an academic website:

8 Important Features of an Academic Website

Easy to see action Buttons

Most people market their academic writing website by adding a question on their website. It is important to ensure that you have added easily to see the action button inviting the student to place an order. The sidebar should have a number of banners informing the reader that the site has professionals who can help complete their assignment, essays, thesis and more.


Why do you think companies like essay shark have a lot of orders? They have optimized their website and ensured that almost every page has easy to see testimonials for almost every order. Testimonials are social proof and help build trust and credibility among users. A good academic website should have a testimonial page with REAL TESTIMONIALS that readers can read. Don’t only post GOOD testimonials only but also the BAD testimonials it makes your website look credible.

Good order system with good notification and a great referral plan

Academic assignments tend to have tight deadlines, requires that the client provides specific instructions including the number of pages required, sources e.t.c. An academic website should have a good order system that allows the client to place an order and receive a notification on the order progress.

Make it mobile friendly

Students often use laptops, tabs, and desktops to do school work. However, we all know that mobile phones have become a second nature to this generation. Students spend most of their time having their phones at hand. Thus, it is very important to make the site accessible by mobile. A mobile-friendly site:

  • Makes it easy to access information found on the website.
  • Enables users to get all the necessary information using a mobile app.

To make this possible, an academic website needs to offer its users a full website experience on all the devices. A responsive design makes this very possible. In simple terms, responsive designs makes it possible for a site to automatically adjust when using the mobile phone. Thus, the site reformats images and layouts according to the user’s screen size. This means that users do not have to scroll horizontally when using their mobile phones.

Make a good impression with the homepage

When people visit any website, the first thing they see is the homepage. The homepage will tell prospective users if the site is worth their time or not. A great homepage will attract even the users who were just passing by.

A homepage can be quite challenging to design since you want all special features to be found in the homepage. However, if you are not careful, it is very possible to be overwhelmed by all these needs and end up creating an awful homepage.

Be keen to make a powerful homepage, as it sends a message on the kind of a website and/or institution it is.


With the current generation, customization and personalization is a crucial aspect of any website, as it is of everything else that this generation uses. Since an academic website serves quite a number of users with different needs, customization makes it easy for the users to get the right information for them. Personalization makes it possible for the users to see only what is relevant to them. Personalization has become a priority for many users. They want to visit sites made with personalization tools that enables them to access information tailor-made for them. Thus, tailoring your website to individual prospective users will greatly impress them.

8 Important Features of an Academic Website

Quality content

Have a beautiful website with great visuals and design is important. However, a well-designed academic website with quality content is simply irresistible.

Coming up with great content, fine-tuning the already available content is very critical for any academic website and even the institutions. Quality content:

  • Reassures users of the ability of the website or the educational institution to deliver.
  • Makes it easy to market the site by generating traffic.
  • Maintains and increases the value of the brand.
  • Assures the world of an institution’s digital presence.

Quality content ought to be focused on the needs of the students. Students need to understand what value they can get from your site or the institution.

Use of videos and other visual dynamics

Video offers an excellent way of not just delivering quality content but also ensuring that the brand increases in value. Videos can be of different uses for different sites and institutions. They can be used to tell more about the site, its services, or how it works. They can be used as tutorials for the students for different subjects among other uses.

This generation is of visual learners. Thus, any captivating content has to be given in other ways, other than just the text. Visual content makes it easier to convince users. This is the reason it is good to mix text with images, videos, and other visual content.

Need an academic writing website?

Developing an academic website can be quite challenging. However, the above features give a clear picture of what should be included in an academic website and what should not be. Still having trouble with developing a good website and you would love someone to help you design one? Visit Shara Solutions for any website development help that you may need. Shara solutions comprise of the best web designers in Kenya for all your design needs.

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