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Guide on How to Get Logins for M-Pesa Payments Portal

To get the username and password for logging in to M-Pesa portal, send an email to M-Pesa business with:

  1. A scanned letter containing all your company (business) details and,
  2. Scanned IDs Front and Back for the admins in the letter.

The letter should be printed in the company letterhead, signed by at least 2 members of your company such as the MD and the Director.

Send the email to [email protected]

The Letter Requesting for the Mpesa Payment Portal Logins

Before requesting the Mpesa payments portal logins, ensure that you have already applied for the Paybill number for your business. Before sending an email, you have to draft a letter to be printed in the company letterhead requesting the logins. The letter should have; The organization name, organization short code, and admin details (full names, ID number, telephone number, username, email address, date of birth, and nationality).

Note: The Paybill number is referred to as a shortcode in the application. You also have to choose your own username, do not use special characters in the username, and make it at least 7-10 characters long.

Below is an example of a letter we wrote when requesting for our Mpesa Portal Logins for our company Shara Solutions

Once you have provided the details above, have at least two members of the company (business) to sign Off. You can have the Managing Director (MD) to sign and any other member of the company such as the CTO or Managing Shareholder. Ensure that the letter is stamped.

Write and Send the Email

Create and send an email to [email protected]

Below is an example that we wrote

Email title: Request for Mpesa Portal Login

To Whom It May Concern


Kindly provide us with the logins to the Mpesa Portal.

Attached is the Letter and Copy of IDs

Kind Regards


Shara Solutions Ltd         

Ensure that you attach

  1. The Scanned letter above
  2. Scanned copy of the ID (Front and Back) for the two admin

That’s all

Thank you

Pro Tip: Hire a payment integration expert to Help with the Process

You can hire a payment integration expert from our company to help you with the process from Applying for a Paybill Account, setting up the Mpesa g2 portal for your B2C or B2B business, and adding Mpesa payment option to your eCommerce website, systems or mobile app. Below is the step by step guide our developers use to add Mpesa Payment option to your website

Mpesa API Integration: Step-by-step guide to integrating lipa na mpesa online



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