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May 18, 2020
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May 27, 2020

Add Mpesa Payment to Your Shopify Website: Hire a Developer Today

Want to add M-Pesa payment option to your Shopify website and start receiving funds directly from your clients? Are you still posting your phone, Pay Bill, or Till Number on your Shopify store for clients to type in their phone to make payments? Why not automate the process to make it easy for clients to pay you directly without having to input all the details in their sim toolkit?

Mpesa has revolutionized the way we do business in Kenya. The introduction of Lipa na Mpesa has revolutionized the way merchants can do business with their clients. Today, you can an a Mpesa button where customers can simply click and pay you without having to input your phone, till, or pay bill number. You can do this by integrating Mpesa to your Shopify store, website or app.

Add Lipa na Mpesa Option to Your Shopify Store

One of the ways you can accept payments when you sell a product in your Shopify store is through Mpesa. 

The easiest way to accept Mpesa payment on Shopify store is by displaying your till number in your shopping cart. Your customers can send the payments to the Lipa na Mpesa account displayed on your website. However, you need to verify the payments and the information of the customer before shipping the goods to them. 

The second option is to integrate Mpesa to your Shopify store using Safaricom Daraja API. For developers, the process is fairly simple because you will need to write a simple code that takes into account the programming language accepted by both Shopify and Safaricom.

However, for people with no programming language, this would be best done by a qualified developer. You don’t need to spend your time following all the available tutorials and money to understand the Mpesa API and set up the payment gateway yourself. All you need to do is to apply for a Lipa na Mpesa account for your business and hire an expert Mpesa API integrator to do the rest for you. 

Contact Us to hire a payment integration expert to help you with the process today.

Requirements to Add Mpesa Option to your Shopify Store

Shopify Store: You need to have a Shopify store where the developer can integrate Mpesa option for you. Our website developers can help you to set up your Shopify store if you don’t have one. 

Paybill or till number: Before we start integrating Mpesa to your Shopify store, you need to apply for a PayBill number from Safaricom. To apply for a Paybill or Till number, simply send an application with the required documents to Safaricom business via email. You can download the application form for a pay bill here

Access to the Safaricom Developers Portal: You don’t have to worry about this requirement as we will guide you through the process. Our developers will need to access Safaricom portal to integrate payment gateway to your Shopify store. Below is a simple guide to request access to the developer’s portal

Guide to Request Logins to the Developers Portal

Ready to Integrate Mpesa Payment Gateway to your Shopify Store?

Contact us to hire a professional developer who can help you with the process. One of our Mpesa API integrators will help provide painless integration of Mpesa payment to your business systems or mobile applications to enable you to receive payments. Our robust MPESA Payment API has user-friendly dashboards that provide an excellent platform to check transaction notifications securely.


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