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May 20, 2020
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February 9, 2021

5 Simple Steps to Generate Client ID and Secret ID for PayPal Payment Purposes

One of the important steps in the development of your website is to integrate a payment gateway. A payment gateway helps your business to process payment online.  To configure PayPal Payment on your website, our API developer needs a client ID and Client Secret key. To get the Secret ID and the Secret Key, you need to have a business PayPal account.

Why Business Account?

A business account in PayPal is the best because you will be able to send invoices with your business name instead of your individual name. You will also be able to access reports and analytics data from your account.

To generate the Client ID and Secret ID pay PayPal payment integration, you need to (1) log in to the PayPal developer’s dashboard, (2) confirm or create sandbox account, then create an app, (3) confirm or Create Sandbox Account, (4)Create an app to receive REST API, (5) Copy the Secret ID and Key.

Below is a step-by-step process with images to guide you through the 5 simple steps

Step 1: Loggin to Dashboard developers dashboard

While logged in to your PayPal account, click on

This will take you to the developers’ section. Once logged in, you will be presented with taken to the developer’s panel.

Click on the drop-down caret on the top right. You will be provided with the menu as shown in the image below.

Click on “Dashboard


Step 2: Confirm or Create Sandbox Account

Click on My Apps & Credentials.

Create sandbox

By default, the sandbox account should have been created for you if you are using a business account. If not, upgrade your account to the business. After confirming that the sandbox account exists, click on “Live”

Step 3. Create an app to receive REST API

 When you click on the “Live” button, you will be presented with the page below. On the page click on “Create App” to create a business name that clients will see when they want to pay.

App to receive REST API

Enter the business name you want clients to see when they are about to pay, then click on the “Create App” button.

Step 4. Generate and Copy the Secret ID and Key

Once you click on “Create App” you will be provided with the live API credentials. You will see the client ID as shown in the image below.

App to receive REST API

By default, the Secret ID is usually hidden, click on “show” to display it.

Copy the Client ID and Secret and share it with the payment integration developer.

After confirming that the sandbox account exists click on “Live”

That’s All

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Want help with Integrating Paypal Payment Gateway to your Website, System, or App?

Contact us to hire a professional payment integration expert who can help you with the process. One of our Rest API developers will help provide painless integration of PayPal to your website, App or business system to enable you to receive payments. Contact us today to get started.


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  1. Davis says:

    I recently got my Operator ID and generated operator PIN after which my username was sent via email.
    Given that the intendment of this was to integrate my website with MPESA payment gateway; my query is what I should do next to activate the Mpesa payment method on my estore ?

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