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July 21, 2019
January 14, 2019

Joint Pesa Website Development and app

  • TaskWebsite Development, System Development, Android App, IOS app


Joint Pesa is an escrow account system, created to make it easier for people to transact online securely without the fear of losing their hard-earned money or buyers running away without paying after receiving the final product. Joint Pesa holds money in a trust for the trading parties in an escrow wallet until a transaction is completed, then the funds are released. This helps protect both parties from being duped as the money is released to the buyer or the client is refunded depending on the transaction terms and outcome. Joint Pesa is thus very useful especially for customers who trade using large sums of money. Joint Pesa helps ensure that you do not pay that huge amount of money before you’re satisfied with the services being offered.

It also helps ensure that the customers’ information is secure. The client, Valentine Kilonzo approached us with the request to develop an escrow system, a website and a mobile application from scratch.

The problem

The owner of the Joint Pesa system wanted a website that assured their customers of security, direct transactions, and easy process to make and receive payments. A system that deals with money matters are quite sensitive. This is because the customers trust you not with commodities but with their money, which means that such a system requires careful and confidential handling.

joint pesa how it works

Even though the client had a clear image of what they wanted, they were not sure of the design of their website. They thus left the choice of the website design to our discretion.

Other than a system and a website, the client also requested us to make a mobile app for both android and IOS. A mobile app is a great way to ensure that the needs of customers are met, any time, and through any device they use. A mobile app is the easiest way to ensure that the customers always have all the information they need concerning the organization.

Our strategy

We held several discussions before embarking on the system development process. First of all, we met with the owners and the head of the developers as the owners explained what they expected from us. Later on we had successive meetings with the team of the developers, content creators, and web designers as we laid down the strategy for the website.

We chose the design, the design tool, the algorithm to develop, the content (and arrangement thereof) of the website and the mobile app, and even the name. The name Joint Pesa appealed to us due to its simplicity and relation to the targeted customers.

Our developers worked tirelessly alongside the client to ensure that all the requirements for the escrow system were met.

The solution

  • High security and confidentiality Escrow system

We developed a user-friendly escrow system that allows users to open trade, upload funds to the wallet, and track transaction until its complete before approving a trade and release funds.

The main requirement by the clients was to create a system that will ensure that the payment system is quite secure by holding clients funds in escrow until a transaction is complete and a seller delivers goods as required before releasing the funds. This included removing the middlemen, to ensure that the customers could make and receive payments directly. Removing middlemen helped deal with the majority of cases of fraud.

We had to secure the website in such a way that the customer’s confidential information remained just that…confidential.

Joint Pesa Portfolio

  • Organization of the content

Content of the Joint Pesa was quite different from that of normal eCommerce websites. The customers need to have the services provided by the system outlined. More to this, the customers also need to understand the process of opening trade, funding a project, completing a trade by delivering the good or service and finally releasing payments to the buyer in a clear and easy to understand manner. The developers and the content creators worked together hand in hand, making changes whenever necessary to make the content of each page educative and easy to understand.

  • Simplicity

According to our clients, the last thing that customers need is a website that makes the payment system more complex than it really is. They wanted the website to be user-friendly with simple features, to protect their customers from the annoyingly complicated process as they make or receive payments. As we designed the website, we had to ensure that the features were quite user-friendly and simple to understand and navigate.

A mobile app is only as good as it is simple to use. Our team had to ensure that the Joint Pesa customers had easy time making transactions.

The result

Our different teams of professionals worked tirelessly, and hand-in-hand to ensure that we created the best website for Joint Pesa. As a result, we managed to create a simple, secure, and attractive website for our clients.

The homepage is quite simple and efficient, which makes it easier for customers to navigate. Its content is organized in such a way that visitors cannot get lost since they can get all the necessary information from the homepage.

Our team of developers also managed to create a great escrow system that helped protect consumers from losing their hard-earned money to conmen. The customers can now transact directly, without having to fear being conned their money or losing their products. The system was designed in such a way that buyers do not have to worry about paying handsomely for poor services or defective goods since money is released to the sellers only after all terms of the transaction are met. At the same time, the escrow system helps ensure that sellers do not get duped by buyers who receive goods or services and run away without paying.

Joint pesa transaction

The client was greatly impressed with the mobile App we made.  She applauded us for not just creating a simple and attractive mobile app, but also for the design tool chosen, which enhanced the functionality of the App. The customer could now easily make transactions just by using their phones. Our team helped ensure that the App was efficient and easy to use.

Client says:

“Shara Solutions is the best team ever. They listened to my idea and made it better. They came up with such a creative design which is quite efficient and responsive. Joint Pesa is up and running thanks to this team.”

Valentine Kilonzo, Vamco Properties Limited.

  • Amazing service. The guys created exactly what we wanted and even more. We only wanted an app for displaying properties but the team at Shara encouraged us to also create a website for the same. These guys are professionals and are good at what they do.
    Melvin Buteyo
    Nyumba Online
  • I really enjoyed working with your team. The developers were responsive and addressed all our queries with time making sure that the final product is as required.
    Salim Buteyo
  • An awesome experience for all looking for accommodation anywhere anytime. Finally what I wanted
    Katarina Johnes
  •    Salim Buteyo
    “I really enjoyed working with your team. The developers were responsive and addressed all our queries with time making sure that the final product is as required. ”
       Salim Buteyo
    Nyumba Online
  • Valentine Kilonzo.
    “Shara Solutions is the best team ever. They listened to my idea and made it better. They came up with such a creative design which is quite efficient and responsive. Joint Pesa is up and running thanks to this team.”  
    Valentine Kilonzo.
    Vamco Properties Limited
  • Pete Mwongela
    “I am very satisfied with the work that Shara Solutions has done on our website. They do not just do their own things. They listen, involve you in the strategies they are using, and even advice you. They took our requirements and made them better. We finally found partners in Shara Solutions.
    Pete Mwongela
    Intel Designs
  • Lenis Ombote,
    “We knew we needed a change. We just had no idea how important it was to make the presence of our organization felt online. Right now we are enjoying crazy traffic to our website. Shara Solutions team didn’t just design our website, they showed us how to maintain it and how to attract traffic by the kind of the content we place in the website.”  
    Lenis Ombote,
    Intel Designs
  • Cliff Ogora
    “I didn’t think that I was going to enjoy working with this team as much as I did. The guys were easy to relate with. They answered every question I had patiently. They understood what our company needed in terms of its online presence even better than we did.”
    Cliff Ogora
  • “This website is cool. I love the bidding process since it is quite fair. The person who bids last is the one who walks away with the item. The trick is to organize for the money as soon as possible to avoid losing the won bid. ”
  • “The work done by these guys is simply mind-blowing. The guys took our idea and made it even bigger and better. The website looks amazing, so does the App. The team is quite professional. I am pleased.”
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