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February 2, 2021

Digital marketing has been growing exponentially, thanks to technology. It is almost impossible to succeed in business without using digital marketing tools. If you desire to make your mark in the digital world and have your business benefit from it, then you should do well to pay attention to one of the best digital marketing tools in the world of marketing; mobile technology! Mobile technology is the easiest way to share information regarding your business with your customers. While a lot has and continues to change about the digital world, one thing remains constant. Almost everyone still uses their smartphones to text. Do you want the assurance that your customers hear what you say? Then it’s high time to introduce an SMS integration to your site. Do you know what is even better? We already have the right bulk SMS API, Marketing platform and our SMS integration service are seamless!

What is bulk SMS?

Simply put, bulk SMS is a service that makes it easy to send many SMS messages at a go. Let’s say you want to inform your loyal and prospective customers that you have a new product in the market. Wouldn’t you want to use a channel that will make sure all of them get it? Imagine being able to do this without breaking a sweat? Crazy, right? Well, bulk SMS helps you to achieve precisely that.

With bulk SMS, you can send a text to all your customers at a go, with a guarantee that more than 96% of them will read it. Bulk SMS is not like email, where your message can get lost in the spam folder. Once a customer opts-in, you can be sure that the message will reach them. As a result, you can update the customers on changes made or promote a new product or service with ease. You can also notify your customers about services such as:

  • Sales alerts
  • Discounts and other offers
  • Links to your website or app
  • Reminders
  • Essential notifications about your business
  • Request for feedback
  • New product alerts

How to make the most out of a bulk SMS

A short but clear message

A long SMS is a turn off to most people. A message with more than 160 characters may also be an issue to people using mulika mwizi and other old phone versions. Make your message to be short and straight to the point.


Short should never be an excuse to be boring. Be sure to use words and phrases that are sure to capture your target audience’s attention. If your business serves young people, you will never go wrong using the trendy hashtags and slang words that your audience is conversant with.


How do you personalize a message that is supposed to reach thousands of people? Bulk SMS service providers allow you to personalize your bulk SMS messages based on your database’s information. This means you can share a similar message, but have a ‘Dear Steve’ or ‘Dear Carol’ instead of ‘dear customer.’ Shara solutions will help you come up with the best way of personalizing your messages.

Have your business name displayed

The last thing you want to do is send a short but sweet message to your customers anonymously. That cannot benefit your business. We will direct you to service providers such as Safaricom, who allow you to edit your username. Having the business name displayed helps maintain a professional image to your customers.

Use links

Since the bulk SMS texts are often short, you might not be able to say all you want to with 160 characters. Thus, it is important to use branded links that will take your customers back to your site for more information. A branded link is shorter than the normal URL, and it contains the brand’s name or other information that is associated with your brand. How does this help? Not only does it lead people to your site, but it also helps to track your users. It can even help with SEO optimization! Shara solutions experts will show you how to create useful branded links that you can use in your bulk SMS.

Safaricom bulk SMS

Apart from Mpesa API, Safaricom is one of the best SMS service providers in Kenya that you can integrate for effective marketing. Safaricom SMS gateway has been designed in such a way that it is able to handle a large number of messages. It makes it possible for you to send bulk SMS not just in Kenya but also in other countries worldwide. With Safaricom SMS gateway, it is pretty easy for you to send personalized messages according to the information in your database. Having used Safaricom bulk SMS service for a number of our clients, we can assure you of its effectiveness and affordability.

Why choose our SMS integration service

Our goal is to open up our clients to the world of digital marketing, with special attention to mobile marketing. Your business does not have to suffer as a result of poor mobile marketing. With Shara Solutions, we are committed to providing you with the best SMS integration services. What do you gain by choosing our SMS integration service?

We will take care of all the programming technicalities

You do not have to be a developer to ace in mobile marketing. Our SMS integration service experts will take care of all the programming issues for you.

Affordable prices

You do not need to work in South Africa’s goldmines to afford our prices. Shara Solutions cares about your business doing well without you becoming bankrupt in that process. You can send bulk SMS for as low as 0.8Ksh per message. See our pricing details here

Professional services

You do not need just anyone to take care of the bulk SMS system for you. It would help if you had someone who understands what they are doing. Our experts are professional SMS integration service providers. They understand everything there is to understand about SMS integration, and they do everything excellently and professionally.


SMS gateway helps ensure that delivery of texts is done in a second. We maintain speed to ensure that you can send hundreds of messages at a go, and still, the speed will remain intact.

Efficient text feature

When it comes to the business world, appearance is everything. People may not see how you look via text. However, they can tell what kind of a person you are by the text features on your site. Our experts are committed to ensuring that you have an easy on the eye text feature.

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